Humanitarian Allies

Below are links to like-minded organizations that, directly or indirectly, are working towards some of the same goals as the The Humanitarian Alliance. 



Psychological Justice Organizations

Society for Humanistic Psychology:

Academy of the Psychoanalytic Arts:

Center for Optimal Living:

The Icarus Project:

Existential Humanistic Institute:

International Association for Jungian Studies:

Narrative Approaches:

The Dulwich Centre:

The Association for Humanistic Counseling:

MindFreedom International:


Social Justice Organizations

Southern Poverty Law Center:

Native American Law Fund:

Black Lives Matter:

Human Rights Campaign:

Psychologists for Social Responsibility:

Society for the Study of Culture, Ethnicity & Race:

Society for the Study of LGBT Issues:

Fight for $15:

Affirmations (MI):

National Disability Rights Network:

American Civil Liberties Union:

Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion:

Third Wave Fund:

Association of Black Psychologists:

Asian American Psychological Association:

Mercy Corps:


The Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice:


American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations:

Anti-Defamation League:

Black Youth Project:

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance:

International Organization for Migration :

National Coalition on School Diversity:

National Center for Transgender Equality:

National Council of La Raza:

National Organization for Women:

American Association of University Women:


Common Sense for Drug Policy:

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies:

Zendo Project:

Sex Workers Project:

Sex Workers Outreach Project:

Desiree Alliance:

Equality Now:

Drug Policy Alliance:



Ecological Justice Organizations


International Community For Ecopsychology:

Nature Sacred:


Friends of the Earth:

Defenders of Wildlife:

World Wildlife Fund:

Humane Society:

Wildlife Conservation Society:

Sierra Club:

Environmental Defense Fund:

Earth First!:

Environmental Justice EPA:



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