The Humanitarian Alliance confronts exploitation—be it political, economic, educational, occupational or otherwise—through awareness-raising (such as fostering and supporting email/letter writing campaigns); organizing and participating in protests; direct dialogue with elected officials, academic/corporate administrators and other authorities; and influencing pro-justice policies on the professional, local, state, federal and global levels.  

We advocate for relevant issues, specific communities, families and individuals.

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THA is also active in training for the humanitarian professions, such as psychologists, social workers, counselors, teachers, health care providers and first responders, as well as interested individuals from the general public. Through live and online educational seminars, continuing education workshops, advanced degree certifications, and professional inservices, we highlight humanitarian values within the scope of specific professional skills and perspectives. 

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Community Cafes

While THA is dedicated to action, we are also dedicated to dialogue, and the interaction of the two: ethics into action. We sponsor public discussion groups, on a variety of humanitarian topics, both online and in person. By bringing people together to explore ideas, in casual, comfortable environments, we hope to further new, challenging, and sometimes difficult discussions.

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