Humanitarian (Adj):  having concern for or helping to improve the welfare of people; pertaining to the saving of human lives or alleviating human suffering.


Who We Are

The Humanitarian Alliance (THA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to confronting exploitation and oppression—be it psychological, social or ecological—anywhere it occurs.

While founded by psychologists, we are a true populist organization that welcomes all like-minded people, from all professions and walks of life: artists, activists, teachers, counselors, community organizers, social workers, marriage-family therapists,  factory, service & relief workers, veterans, first responders, home makers, attorneys, farmers, philosophers, researchers, medical care professionals, journalists, politicians, students, academic & street scholars—all interested parties. We are welcoming to all people who share our values, regardless of their education, training, employment status or geographic location. 

THA seeks to be an alternative to monolithic organizations that have not, and don’t appear interested, in practicing their ethical ideals. We are dedicated to actually honoring our values, and, above all else, doing no harm. As such, we put ethics first: before convenience, influence, profit, or science.

We celebrate diversity of thinking, knowing and being—academic, artistic, scientific, practical or otherwise. The guiding principle is an empathetic, justice-based approach to living, as best as possible, in all relationships and spaces.

Our ultimate goal is not only to talk, but to act—in creative, compassionate and sustainable ways.